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A very informative read that helps to instruct citizens on what feral cats are, what to do if one sees a feral cat and how to help them.


What Is a Feral Cat?

Feral cats are the offspring of lost or abandoned pet cats or other feral cats that are not spayed or neutered. Feral cats aren't used to contact with people and are typically too fearful and wild to be handled. They live in groups with other feral cats and try to stay out of sight. Many females are pregnant very young, resulting in the death of their kittens or themselves. Males are very defensive and often end up transmitting disseases to eachother. They depend on dumpsters or humans for their food. Human involvement allows them to stay alive. 

What To Do When You See a Feral Cat

The first thing to do if you ever see a stray pet is to take it to safety, however being prepared. Finding out information about animal shelters and agencies and seeking veterinary help is vital to the health of a stray pet. Asking neighbors and putting up fliers is a great way to get the word around about a missing pet, if the feral cat is without contact information.

Without any identification, the best ways to help are to contact shelters and societies. A visit to the veterinarian can help determine the use of microchip, so one may be able to access the contact information of its owner.

Signs and newspaper ads can help spread awareness of the missing cat. Talking to neighbors is another good way to obtain information.

Some individuals begin to contemplate whether to keep a stray cat or not. If one decides to take the cat into their own life, a veterinary examination can help approximate the age, gender, condition, and other characteristics of the feral cat and suggest vaccinations and the healthiest diet.

For those who choose not to keep the cat, attempting to find a home for the lost pet can be a difficult task. It is suggested that the cat be vaccinated first, before advertising and interviewing. One can contact an animal shelter or look into the adoption process.

Seeing and helping feral cat in need is an excellent way to be active in the humane treatment of animals. Keeping a stray feline healthy and happy, whether one is taking the cat in or finding it another home, is the best for a safe and comfortable lifestyle for a feral cat.

How You Can Help Feral Cats

Become educated first! If you see feral cats in your area who do not have caretakers, you can easily become one. You may feed, provide shelter and monitor the cats for problems. Always make sure you understand how to care for the feral cats and their behavior. In addition, make sure that the cat does not have an owner before becoming it's caretaker. If there are groups in your area that care for feral cats, it is advisable to call them for additional information.





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Candace Gutleben January 24, 2013 at 06:47 PM
Great job getting the word out, Humane Society Club of Alameda High School!


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