Why Have A Facial? (Acne)

Acne is complicated. If you are like like me you want to know why this is such a problem for nearly everyone, keep reading.

I have always been the "why" girl from the earliest age. Used to drive Daddy crazy. He would say something and I would ask why. He would answer and then I would ask why again, and so on. I still do it. Now it just makes Don crazy. Sometimes I do it on purpose!

Now my clients often ask me why should they have a facial. The answer is, it depends on the condition of your skin. This is a big question and I am going to address it by one skin type at a time, starting with acne.

Teenage or adult acne. This is inflamed and impacted skin. Acne flourishes in a anaerobic environment (no light, no air). The skin is constantly sloughing off billions of skin cells. There is a microscopic cloud of skin cells around us all the time. The nose is the human oil factory of the body and acts as a glue magnet for all of those skin cells we are constantly shedding. Over time these skin cells get stuck inside the hair follicles and create an impaction (comedone or blackhead), the perfect storm for acne. The body reacts to this impaction as a foreign object and then creates a pustule to rid itself of what the body recognizes as a foreign object. A monthly facial keeps these impactions from getting a foothold in your skin and prevents pimples from getting started. Preventing the problem keeps the skin from breaking out. A facial is one way to help break the acne chain of events. 

Another big factor for women is hormones. If you suspect you may be breaking out primarily due to hormonal fluctuation and you are female, we often recommend our clients consult with their ob/gyn to discuss those options as well.

Makeup and/or the wrong products. When we have a new client come in for a skin care consultation, we ask that they bring in everything they use on their skin, including all skin care, sun protection and makeup. There are too many ingredients to list that are potential problems in makeup even for us. That is why we evaluate possible problems with your products on a case-by-case basis. Just a few to avoid are  mineral oil, S.D. Alcohol, parfum, lanolin and talc. We especially like pharmaceutical-grade ingredients for our makeup because it covers, corrects and protects. There is makeup out there that is actually good for skin and we encourage our clients to find ones they like and use them.

Habits that contribute to acne. Touching your face: I know you probably know this, but I say it over and over to everyone. Also, wash your hands, because if you do not, you are just putting bacteria directly into the skin and contributing to the potential of a break-out. Telephones (both cell and land) are constantly touching your face. Use rubbing alcohol regularly to clean them. If your skin is chronically breaking out along the chin and jawline, chances are your cell phone is a contributing factor. If this sounds like you, you now have a better understanding on why this might be a problem.  

If you work at a desk, they are usually filthy. Believe me when I say that the janitorial staff does not clean our desks. They have done studies and it is appalling. Get out the anti-bacterial cleaner, wash your hands and for heaven's sake, quit touching your face. 

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