Dec. 7: Five Things You Need to Know Tuesday in Alameda

Yoga, holiday lights, free parking and a band that spans eras.

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  1. Alameda City Council  at 7 p.m. Council members will consider a list of housekeeping items, including approving some appointments to boards and commissions, and the future of Alameda's.
  2. There's free parking on Park Street every Saturday until Christmas, thanks to the .
  3. The at Alameda Hospital tonight at 5:30 p.m. is supposed to be very good, I'm told by a reliable source. (OK, a faithful reader emailed me and, because she took the time to enthuse about this class, I figure it merits mention.) The Thursday class, same time same place, has a different instructor who is also great, says my source. These are drop-in classes, for those who are commitment-phobic, yet flexible.
  4. The rain is supposed to hold off for another day, so tonight might be an opportunity to take your first walk down (aka Thompson Avenue). Then come back starting Thursday when Santa will be on the scene.
  5. Tonight at  there's another band with an interesting name...The Harkenbacks. They are described as "Appalachian-urban folk heroes," combining two words that have rarely — if ever? — been coupled with a hyphen before. 

Plan ahead: Later in the week some community holiday concerts to keep in mind: the on Thursday, the also on Thursday and the on Friday.


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