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Trying to Keep the New Year's Resolution

Judy Judy promised herself she would get dressed in regular clothes (no workout clothes, no sweats) all but two days each week. So how did that go?

I’ve heard from some friends (yes, friends) that they think was lame (also: too easy and too trite). 

Trite? Really?

Well, excuse me!

I, on the other hand, do not think my resolution is lame and I am sticking to it. I am going to continue to don actual outfits if for no other reason than to avoid what happened in the first week of 2012. 

As karma would have it, I crossed paths into an old boyfriend. He was ahead of me in line at the ATM in front of CVS on Santa Clara. He looked nice, like he had just gotten off work.

But enough about him. I LOOKED STUNNING!

I had on just the right amount of makeup for a classy, natural look, my hair was nicely styled, and my outfit was contemporary casual. I even had a matching pashmina over my shoulders. 

It had been about twenty years, so it took a second before we realized who the other was. As we smiled and exchanged pleasantries, my girls stood next to me, arm in arm, giggling quietly while my handsome husband was waiting patiently in the car, blowing me kisses...

Total and complete fabrication.

Oh, yes, the ex-boyfriend was ahead of me at the ATM, but here's how it really happened.

It was one of my two sloth days, but I had good reason. It was winter break and I was out buying paint to touch up our kitchen trim. I had on sweats that were at least thirteen years old and just about as many sizes too big. I was wearing an old thermal shirt, complete with paint splotches and a nice-sized rip under the arm. It wasn't pretty, but it was clean. Well, it had been clean until I decided to go to Nob Hill and pick up one of their rotisserie chickens for dinner. Jogging back to the car, the chicken broth leaked out of the plastic container and down my shirt.


But no worries. I just have to stop by the ATM, , and then home. It's not like I'm going to run into anybody...

Him: Oh, um, hey.

Me: Oh. Mah. Gawd. You have GOT to be kidding me.

Kids, arguing: No I didn’t! — You did! — Did not!

Me: Separating them, one on each side.

Rugged husband: Not in car, not blowing me kisses, but at work where he usually is at 4 p.m.

Him: Pardon me?

Me: Hi! But, honestly, this is one of my two days. 

Him, looking confused: Um, OK then. Well, nice seeing you.

Me: Yeah sure, you too. I try to pull my girls in front of me to mask the eau de chicken wafting through the air. 

I am more committed now to my, a-hem, lame New Year resolution than I ever was. Failure is not an option! But to appease my critics, I have also added on giving blood every two months to my 2012 resolution list.

Giving blood is free, easy and the Alameda County Blood Bank and the Red Cross can always use blood. Best part? You get to eat guilt-free cookies afterward. Nothing lame about that!

If you want all the particulars about giving blood, please contact the , or make an apointment directly with the Alameda County Blood Bank. Remember: no donation, no cookies!

Li_ January 14, 2012 at 05:39 AM
On the other hand, aren't you glad you didn't get the chicken au jus down the front of your shot-silk bespoke blouse and splattered over your dyed to match demi kid heels? The blood mobile is sometimes parked near Paul's Produce. Can one just walk in or is it reservation only?
Judy Judy January 16, 2012 at 05:47 AM
If you see a blood mobile, you can just walk in. Or, you can call, see when one will be in your area, and make an appointment with them as well. Important Note: The blood mobiles come equipt with cookies, too!


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