Visiting New York on 9/11

"You can be sure that the American spirit will prevail over this tragedy." -Colin Powell

My kids and I are still on the road and have (finally) hit the East Coast! We  and, as expected, she was delightful. We then slowly made our way through Massachusetts to New Jersey, where we stayed with a close friend.

Having her house as a home base, we explored Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York. And let me tell you, being in New York City on 9/11 was more than a little surreal.

We didn't specifically plan it that way, but that's how our travel schedule turned out. Actually, we almost skipped going to New York altogether because sightseeing during their most solemn time, our most solemn time, seemed petty and trite, like we were crashing a funeral or something. But honestly, how could I drive over 2,500 miles and not see NYC?

I'm so glad we did! I'm not saying everyone was high-fiving each other, but New York was filled with positive energy. People were hugging and smiling and surviving. It was definitely a day of remembrance, don't get me wrong, but it was also one of strength and love. 

It also happened to be an absolutely stunning day! It was sunny and warm with a nice cool breeze, not hot and humid like it had been just days before. With autumn sitting right around the corner, you could feel the change in the air. Maybe New Yorkers felt that way too. Or maybe I'm just being romantic. In any case, the weather seemed to reflect the general mood of the people in it: beautiful. 

If 9/11 has taught me anything, it's to . Seize the day, if you will, because tomorrow isn't promised. Sharing this experience with my girls, taking this trip across country are memories that I'll have for a lifetime. My family and I had a truly amazing time visiting the sights of the Big Apple and can't wait to come back. Thanks, New York, you didn't disappoint!

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