17 Residential Burglaries in 5 Weeks: Police Issue Warning

Officials are offering tips to help reduce the chances of becoming a victim.

Alameda Police officials are asking residents to be vigilant after a rash of daytime burglaries.

The methods of entry have varied from entering through open doors and windows to prying through locked areas of ingress, according to a Nixle Alert released by police. 

Police say the areas east of 8th Street to the end of the main Island are the most affected areas.

Details of Nixle Alert:

From January 18th through February 26th, there have been seventeen residential burglaries. Property Crime Investigators have identified that a majority of these crimes have occurred on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays during the daytime hours when most residents are away at work. The neighborhoods east of 8th Street to the end of the main Island are the most affected areas. The burglars have gained access through locked and unlocked doors and windows. Locked windows have been pried open and secured doors have been kicked/forced open. 

* Before you leave your home, make sure ALL doors and windows are closed and locked. Visit your local hardware store for window locks. 

* If your home is equipped with an alarm system, set it every time you leave. 

* Deadbolts are recommended on all doors; including those leading from the garage into the home. A sturdy door frame is necessary to maximize the effectiveness of your deadbolt. 

* Get to know your neighbors and keep eye out for one another. 

* Store jewelry, firearms, and other valuables in a safe. Make sure the safe is bolted in place. 

* Consider installing video surveillance equipment. 

* Remember, dogs can be a great deterrent. 

* Go to www.crimemapping.com, to stay informed on crime trends in your neighborhood.

Organize a Neighborhood Watch group. Your beat officer will attend the meeting and answer questions about neighborhood issues. Call the Alameda Police Department COPPS Unit at 337-8305 to schedule a meeting.

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S. Carvalho March 06, 2014 at 02:21 PM
Some useful info here from our neighboring town of Oakland - http://safeoakland.com/safety-tips/protect-your-property
Lisbeth Allen March 07, 2014 at 11:28 AM
How much does it cost to install video surveillance? Equipment that has good facial feature recording.
Escaype Enterprises June 17, 2014 at 08:07 PM
Seventeen burglaries in five weeks? wow..! that's a lot of burglary crimes alone...the police can never be anywhere...to protect and serve you...and that tells you what is happening to your neighborhood. You can help your local Police Dept. by being pro-active in this incidents. If you live in this neighborhood what you can do is to have yourself install one of those affordable home security devices, they call the Bulldog bar and prevent yourself to be the victim. This small devices can prevent this burglars from forcing their way in. Use them on the front and back doors and breath a sigh of relief in the evenings. For more information about this security device please visit or call: The Bulldog Bar.com...don't forget to keep those windows locked..!!


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