Police Log: A Bad Week for Burglars

Incidents of interest from the Alameda Police Department log, May 10-14: home burglaries and attempted burglaries, argument about dogs, DUI arrest, auto theft.

Would-be burglars fled from ringing alarm systems and screaming victims in a series of recent break-in attempts, according to the Alameda Police Department.

The bad week for the bad guys started the morning of May 10, when two burglars removed a window screen and opened a window at a Dayton Avenue home, setting off a security alarm, said Alameda Police Lt. Ted Horlbeck. A witness said the pair were "very small" and wearing hoodies, and took off when the alarm sounded.

The following day, someone tried but failed to enter an apartment in the 1100 block of Regent Street via two windows.

That evening, May 11, a burglar pried open a rear sliding glass door at an apartment in the 500 block of Buena Vista Avenue and picked up a laptop computer. Just then, a woman who lives in the unit returned home, saw the burglar and screamed, Horlbeck said. The burglar fled, taking the computer with him.

On Saturday, May 12, a juvenile burglar entered a detached garage in the 1600 block of Bay Street through an open door and tried to steal some items but was interrupted by a man who lives at the home, Horlbeck said. The victim yelled and the youth took off.

Dog Owners Fight

An argument broke out between the owners when one man's dog attacked another dog in the 600 block of Westline Drive the morning of May 13. The confrontation got physical, and one of the men, an Alameda resident, was treated at Alameda Hospital for scrapes and bruises. The victim did not wish to press charges, Horlbeck said.

Auto Theft

A vehicle was reported stolen from the 300 block of Lincoln Avenue the morning of May 14, according to the APD log.

DUI Arrest

A woman was arrested May 13 on suspicion of driving while intoxicated after she lost control of her vehicle and it overturned, according to Sgt. Ron Simmons of the APD's traffic unit.

The accident happened in the late afternoon in the 2900 block of Main Street, near the new ferry terminal and the Bay Ship & Yacht Co., Simmons said.

The driver and a woman passenger were both injured and were taken to Highland Hospital, he said.

jerri klingbeil June 28, 2012 at 11:22 PM
If I saw someone in my home when I got back I would definitely move out the next day! If there's one break in then that means I probably don't live in a good area - If I can't afford to move then I would hunt down some cost-effective home security methods ( http://www.homesecuritysystems.net/category/general-tips/ ). I've been reading that burglary rates are up across the country because of our down economy. The irony is that due to our down economy many of us can't afford security systems which is one of those lose/lose situations!


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