AUSD, Non-Teaching Staff Reach Tentative Contract Agreement

Members of CSEA #860, which represents maintenance, operations and food service workers, are expected to vote on the contract within a week

Negotiating teams representing the Alameda Unified School District and a non-certificated school district employees' union (California School Employees Association #860, Maintenance, Operations and Food Service Unit) have reached a tentative contract agreement, according to a press release issued by AUSD Friday afternoon.

The tentative agreement provides for payment equal to 1 percent of annual compensation at the end of this school year and an on-going 1.5 percent pay increase for the next school year, the district's statement said. The 1.5 percent increase will be limited to 2012-2013 if state funding falls below a specified level.

CSEA #860 members will vote on the tentative agreement within the next week, according to the statement.

The district expects to post the tentative agreement on the AUSD website Monday.

Negotiations with the Alameda Education Association, which represents AUSD teachers and other certificated staff members, are still under way.

Jon Spangler May 19, 2012 at 06:14 AM
It's nice to see a more constructive and less contentious union-management relationship than the current AEA-AUSD example. At least some people in the public schools paid attention to the "play well with others" admonitions...
Mike Henneberry May 19, 2012 at 06:58 AM
"Play well with others" should not mean allowing the school bully beat you up. That appears to be the way AUSD management is playing it with the teachers. My hat is off to AEA leadership for standing up to the District and for their members. It appears that the AEA-AUSD issues go well beyond whatever disagreements CSEA may have had, so a comparison of the two sets of bargaining is not apples to apples, so to speak.
Jon Spangler May 19, 2012 at 04:23 PM
Mike, I would never suggest that the teachers--or any union members--should knuckle under to "bullying" from any source, including AUSD. But AEA has, unfortunately, used consistently shrill and emotional public language that seems to be slowing and harming the negotiating process as well as losing public support for AEA's positions. There are many ways to stand firm and stand proud without using the over-the-top language and theatrics--and that's what they read and feel like to me--exhibited by AEA leaders and members on these pages over the past few months. And I'm an ally of teachers...
Anne (McKereghan) DeBardeleben May 19, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Jerome, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your members for all the amazing work you do for our students and community. Not only do you keep our schools working smoothly, your members always greet us with a smile and do all they can to help when needed. Your work does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated by all.
Barry Savin May 19, 2012 at 06:08 PM
Jon, Do you have any specific suggestions on how to inform and convince others like yourselves about the issues AEA has? Our supt. is a politician and between her and her lawyer and as all good politicians they tell half truths or outright lie about the situation. Plus, it's not an even playing field with the supt. having access to the public, the PTA, etc ... It's hard to play nice when you hear the lies and half truths the supt. spouts. Any positive suggestions? AEA has tons of info to share. Thanks,
Mandy Chang May 19, 2012 at 10:37 PM
Barry, are you for real? Have you been under a rock for the past seven months? The AEA have been selling their story loudly (and often rudely) to any poor soul who will listen, at school board meetings, blog posts, Facebook, letters to editors, public forums, PTA council meetings, and meetings held at local school sites. You can continue to peddle those lines about the Superintendent and administration but reasonable people aren't buying it, nor are parents like me who have attended recent meetings with the Superintendent and AEA representatives. It's the AEA that comes across as unreasonable and uninformed, not the administration. It's time the AEA stopped trying to con parents and others into taking sides in this debate, and settle this privately with the district. The AEA is doing itself and the community no favors by behaving this way in public.
Jon Spangler May 20, 2012 at 05:45 AM
@Barry, it my take a long time for AEA to repair the self-inflicted damage to its credibility caused by the overheated language and theatrics used by the AEA's leadership and negotiating team representatives. A simple presentation of the facts supporting AEA's case, without the attacking language, misinformation/exaggeration, and theatrics used so far by AEA leadership, would have won many more friends to the teachers' union side, IMHO. (At least I would have listened more sympathetically.) As it is I am trying really hard to separate my deep and abiding respect for the many public school teachers I know from the problematic and disappointing behavior of the AEA's leadership. I am also deeply disappointed by those who attack all teachers based on the actions of a few, and I am upset that some opponents of AEA are attacking AEA using the same destructive and emotional language that those opponents say they fins so objectionable. Both sides need to tone down the rhetoric: we need a just and reasonable contract that is fair to all sides, overworked teachers and financially-strapped school district alike. We are all in this together, after all.


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