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Citizens' Group Lists Election 'Principles'

The Alameda Citizens Task Force has announced its "guiding principles" for considering candidates for the city council

Alameda Citizens Task Force has developed and released its guiding principles for electing city council members during the 2012 elections, according to a press release from the group.

"These principles were developed after soliciting member input and will be used as a guide during all discussions at Alameda Citizen Task Force events this fall," the release says.

It lists the Alameda Citizens Task Force "expectations and priorities" for city council candidates as:

  • Member behavior should reflect core values of vigilance, truth and civility in word and deed, while encouraging community participation and open communication.
  • Members should guide the city back to fiscal stability by exploring ways to reduce current expenses such as the cost of administration and operations and stop adding new bond payments.
  • Development should enhance our quality of life, protect community diversity and respect the principles behind Measure A (no new buildings larger than a duplex). Traffic and environmental issues should drive future development.

The group also has a Q&A session coming up with Jordan Battani, a candidate for reelection to the City of Alameda Health Care District board of trustess ("hospital board"). See details of that event here.

The group describes itself on the Alameda Citizens Task Force website as "a permanent watchdog group advocating for effective government" by promoting open government, advocating fiscal responsibility, analyzing critical comments on city issues and encouraging community involvement in city government.


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