City Gets $225,000 Planning Grant for Alameda Point

City announces Department of Defense grant for strategic planning to attract new tenants at the former Naval Air Station Alameda.

The Department of Defense has awarded the City of Alameda $225,000 to prepare a detailed economic development strategy for Alameda Point, a 918-acre portion of the former Naval Air Station Alameda (NAS Alameda), a city official announced last week.

According to Jennifer Ott, the city's chief operating officer for Alameda Point, "The strategy will result in a cohesive and targeted approach to leveraging the city’s existing commercial tenant base and attracting new commercial and institutional groups to the Alameda Point property, resulting in increased jobs and lease revenues that will help finance future predevelopment and implementation efforts at the property."

If Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) , Ott said, the strategic plan "will help position Alameda Point competitively for capturing spin-off companies that want to co-locate near LBNL."

The former NAS Alameda was decommissioned in 1997, costing Alameda about 14,000 military and civilian jobs.

City Manager John Russo said the grant-funded strategy "will identify which types of businesses to target for Alameda Point, with an emphasis on employment generating uses, and will develop a leasing strategy for attracting specific industries to our unique property and existing building stock."

Richard Bangert September 26, 2011 at 03:40 PM
This is good news, but I hope the money is spent sparingly. Most of the issues were covered 14 years ago and can be reviewed in this document http://issuu.com/alamedapointinfo/docs/1997-economic-development-conveyance-application. The even better news - headline news, really - is that the city has reached agreement with the Navy for a no-cost conveyance. Negotiations started out as no-cost for the Lab parcel and ended with no-cost for everything. It's agenda item 4a for the next ARRA meeting http://www.cityofalamedaca.gov/City-Hall/Calendar-of-Events?id=1002&a=20111005 . A year and a half ago I wrote about the issues of base transfer and going forward here http://www.theislandofalameda.com/2010/03/richard-bangert-been-there-do-that/ .
alameda vigilante September 27, 2011 at 07:47 PM
Absolutely correct, Richard. To put it more bluntly, I do wish that someday our new city manager would actually TOUR the Alameda NAS site w/a group and review the documents in the Info Repository already produced from much time, energy, & money over the last 15 yrs before describing his next new idea for the Point.


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