City Leases Alameda Point Soccer Fields to Alameda Soccer Club

The three-year agreement, passed by the City Council Tuesday night, will hold the club responsible for field scheduling management and field maintenance.

From the City of Alameda

The Alameda Point Soccer Fields, located at Lexington and Redline Avenues, are shifting to local control with the City’s new lease to the Alameda Soccer Club, which will provide more opportunity for Alameda youth soccer players to gain increased access to the fields. 

The three-year agreement, passed by the City Council last night, is similar in scope to the previous lease with the Piedmont Soccer Club. The Alameda Soccer Club will have field scheduling management and will provide all of field maintenance including: mowing, fertilizing, refuse disposal, field clean-up, and irrigation maintenance.

“This lease solves a long-standing problem of a lack of coordination between the area’s youth soccer leagues," City Manager John Russo explains. "Thanks to the hard work of Alameda Soccer Club President Peter Holmes and the Board of Directors, these organizations are now working together harmoniously, which benefits all Alameda youth soccer players."

“For youth soccer players in Alameda, the partnership between the Alameda Soccer Club, East Bay United/Bay Oaks, Piedmont Soccer Club and the City of Alameda/Alameda Recreation and Park Department is a major win,” commends Alameda Soccer Club President Peter Holmes. “This lease agreement provides Alameda Soccer Club with much needed field space for our local teams and enhances our relationships within the Jack London Soccer Sports League to support the numerous Alameda youth residents that play in its affiliated Clubs. With this robust unity, Alameda Soccer Club believes that the Alameda Point Soccer Fields will not only physically benefit from ongoing site enhancements but represents what can be accomplished through mutual respect, sportsmanship and fair play, all values that we strive for in our Alameda Soccer Club program.”

The Alameda Soccer Club is part of the Jack London Youth Soccer Sport League, which also includes the Piedmont Soccer Club and East Bay United Soccer Club/Bay Oaks. 

Bay Oaks is comprised of many Alameda youth as they improve their skills and move up into more competitive play.

The Alameda Soccer Club works collaboratively with the Jack London Youth Soccer League and its affiliates to maintain the fields, which gives Alameda Soccer Club the ability to increase its field time as the club generates the capacity and need for more field use.


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