Street Repairs on Central Avenue Start Friday

Work between Webster Street and Pacific Avenue is expected to continue for about three weeks.

From a City of Alameda press release

Beginning June 15, street work will be performed along Central Avenue between Webster Street and Pacific Avenue that will affect traffic circulation. The work will be performed Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The project is expected to last three weeks, depending upon the weather.

Although one lane of traffic in each direction will remain open at all times, motorists may experience minor disruptions in traffic. There may be an increase in noise and dust levels during construction. Bus stop access will be maintained throughout the project duration.

The work is a microseal process that will protect the street pavement and seal any cracks and patches in the street. Prior to microsealing the street surface, all striping will be removed by the contractor and replaced once the microseal work is complete.

Microseal is very sticky when fresh and difficult to remove from shoes, tires, driveways, clothing, carpets, and pets.  As such, entering the construction zone before the street is reopened is prohibited.

Motorists with destinations other than Central Avenue are encouraged to use alternate routes. Door hangers, advising residents and businesses of the work, will be posted on the building’s door approximately 72 hours prior to the microseal activity. On the day that a street is to be microsealed, all access to the street and driveways will be blocked for four hours until the microseal cures. "No Parking" signs will also be posted on barricades 72 hours before the work commences.

The City appreciates your cooperation and patience during this construction.  Questions or information about the project should be directed to Trung Nguyen at 510-747-7930.

10dB June 14, 2012 at 03:38 PM
There are not only private homes along Central, but also some pretty large apartment complexes with private parking lots. Is every resident supposed to leave the parking lot at 8AM every morning for three full weeks and try to find parking elsewhere (which begs the question of "where")? One has to wonder why the application of the microseal compound itself isn't being done at, say, 1AM. That way most cars would be "home" for the night and be able to exit the next day at 5AM. Extra cost? Lack of imagination on the part of our Streets folks? Maybe the details are under-reported in this article, but there sure seems like a lack of effort to minimize the impact on people living along Central.
Dana June 14, 2012 at 07:04 PM
They cant do work at 1am because its loud and workers would have to put spot lights out which can disturb people trying to sleep. It's not like the whole section will be closed for several weeks, just small portions for a day or two. If you cant move your car in the morning don't park it there and night. Is it inconvenient? Yes, but it will be nice when you don't get a bunch of potholes when it rains.
hobnob June 14, 2012 at 08:45 PM
also, I'm sure it costs more to hire a crew to work the hours of 1am - 5am instead of normal work hours, but yes, I agree with Amy... the equipment necessary to make sure that work gets done in the wee hours probably cost a lot of money too. Easier to do it during the day. They only do that for highways anyway and if you've ever passed them patching the highway, it's like daylight it's so bright.


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