AUSD Outperforms State in Graduation Rates

The California Department of Education released 2012 figures for statewide and local high school graduation and dropout rates.

The 2012 graduation rate in the Alameda Unified School District was higher than the state average and the district's percentage of high school dropouts lower.

Figures released Tuesday by the state superintendent of schools' office show that overall the district's graduation rate last year was 85.5 percent, above the state average of 78.5 percent.

The dropout rate for the district was listed as 9.2 percent, below this year's 13.2 percent statewide average.

Figures for individual high schools are shown in the table below.

A breakdown of graduation rates in the AUSD by race/ethnicity shows graduation rates of 87.3 percent for Hispanic or Latino students (of any race); 66.7 percent for Native American/Alaskan Native students; 93.4 percent for Asian students; 92.9 for Pacific Islanders; 82.9 for Filipino students; 66.4 for African Americans; 84.1 percent for white students; and 75 percent for students of two of more races.

This year's figures track the class of 2012. For the previous year, the district's graduation rate was 84.4 percent and the dropout rate 8.7 percent.

There are also a small percentage of students who are not counted as either graduates or dropouts because they are still in school or passed the GED or are special education students.

2012 GRADUATION RATE (%) 2012 DROPOUT RATE (%) AUSD 85.5 9.2 Alameda Community Learning Center 86.8 13.2 Alameda High School 90.6 6.3 Alameda Science and Technology Institute 97.4 0.0 Bay Area School of Enterprise 59.3 18.6 Encinal High School 87.7 10.3 Island High School 85.5 9.2

Statewide Figures

Overall, California's graduation rates rose while dropout rates declined.

The state superintendent's office reported 78.5 percent of students who started high school in 2008-2009 graduated last year. That was up 1.4 percentage points from the year before.

Among African-American students, 65.7 percent graduated with their class in 2012, up 2.9 points from the year before.

Among Hispanic students, 73.2 percent graduated in 2012, up 1.8 points from the year before.

There was a corresponding drop in the state's dropout rate.

The superintendent's office reported 13.2 percent of students who began high school in 2008-2009 dropped out. That was down 1.5 percentage points from the year before.

The dropout rate among African-American students dropped 3.1 points to 22.2 percent. Among Hispanic students, the dropout rate fell 2.1 points to 16.2 percent.

Another 8.3 percent of students were labeled as neither dropouts nor graduates.

State Superintendent Tom Torlakson said while the trend is positive, California schools still need to do more. He said he'd like to see the graduation rate top 80 percent in the near future and then reach 90 percent by 2020.

He commended local school officials for improving education despite budget cuts the past few years and the fact California is 49th in the nation in education funding.

"As I travel up and down the state, I see great things happening in California schools every day," said Torlakson.

Are you pleased with AUSD's performance? What have been your experiences with the district's high schools? Tell us in the comments section below.

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