Mindful Moms Group meeting-"Women's Wisdom"

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 275 Ennismore Ct Alameda CA 94502  See map

Mindful Moms Group meeting-"Women's Wisdom"

The purpose of this group is to have a community of Mindful Moms coming together
to share, learn and discover their "new" world. A space to nurture and be
nurtured, to be able to express,create, communicate and honor one another on all
of our journeys. To hold a space with unconditional love, to give the courage
and strength to one another as needed.

As a Holistic Life Coach, Massage therapist and a Mom, I am excited to share the
secrets of how to live life fully and create a healthy and balanced life,
because a Happy Mom= A Happy Home.

If you are a new Mom with kids from 0-5 and answer "YES" to any of the following

1) Do you take care of others before taking care of yourself?
2) Do you find that you never have enough time in the day?
3) Is there something that you really yearning to do, but have been putting it

If you answered YES to any of the three keep reading.

We will meet on a teleconference or local group gathering in Alameda . You will
have the opportunity to learn and discuss: how to take care of yourself before
taking care of others, how to find time in the day for yourself, and do the
things that you have been yearning to do.

You will learn how to ask for help, create boundaries, find your voice, Listen
to your intuition, Find balance in your daily life, Create a sacred space for
yourself, Learn how to "Be" instead of always doing, learn how to receive
instead of always giving.

This course is intended to help give you some tools to live a balanced life.
This course is for Mindful Moms and requires some thought and work. This group
is considered to be a sacred place to share and learn from one another. Being
Mindful means; treating yourself and others with respect, kindness, and listening
with an open heart.

Please contact me by e-mail at: Lmelero2004@yahoo.com,  if you are interested in
participating. Groups will be small and intimate. We will meet on Mondays from
10:00 am-11:00 am. (Childcare is available for $9 an hour with a Licensed
childcare provider of 25+years)

First meeting: Monday March 19th, 2012

The following meetings are: Monday April 16th, 2012, May 14th, 2012, June 11th,
2012, July 16, 2012, August 13, 2012 (Donations are welcome to help support the
group and keep it going)

Lori Lue-Melero, C.M.T., Wellness Life Coach, Specializing in Mommy C.A.R.E.
(Coach and resource educator)

Check out my website for more classes: Healthy-Lifestyle-Choices.info


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