First Day of School for Most Island Students

Hopefully they're all in their places with bright shiny faces.

Back to school!

Alameda Patch columnist Judy Judy wrote last week about a  she and her family had a few years back. And columnist Alice Lewis wrote about — as well as a transition back to a full nest. 

If you're a stay-at-home parent, how will you spend your first day with the kids out of the house? If not, how will your routine shift?

And homework! Not just for kids anymore. How much time does homework take you?

With the , many community members are feeling more secure about the future of the . (If you'd like to join the oversight committee for the tax you can find out .)

Other community members launched a legal challenge to the tax last May, which, according to this Alameda Journal report on last Tuesday's school board meeting, is expected to go to trial in September.

SFGate blogger Susan Davis (and sometimes Patch contributor) has a more detailed update on the legal challenge to Measure A as well as an update on the Robles-Wong lawsuit that is challenging the structure of education funding in California. 

On the first day of elementary school each year  with me and reminded me how lucky I was to live in a country in which all children have the opportunity to go to school. He'd remind me that my great grandparents had come from a place where that was not the case. 

Please add your first-day-of-school pictures (or video, if you like) to this story (click "add" under the existing photo to the right of the story). And please feel free to share any happy/sad/fearful memories you may have in the comments. 

Carol Parker August 29, 2011 at 04:33 PM
Thinking about what a momentous occasion the first day of school can be for a child. This week I celebrate the 50th anniversary of meeting my best friend and confidant, Marla, who I met on our first day of kindergarten in 1961. Here's hoping many Alameda students will meet their lifelong best friend today.
Chris August 29, 2011 at 05:02 PM
Thinking about how many kids are going to be bullied, assaulted, humiliated by their teachers, exposed to illegal drugs and weapons.


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