49ers Playoff Predictions From Jed York's Hometown [Video]

Since Los Altos is home to 49ers CEO Jed York, Patch did the neighborly thing and went to Montclaire School and the Los Altos Library for these words of encouragement. Upload your own here, Faithful.


Dear Forty Niners and fellow Los Altan Jed York: These fans have some predictions and some words of encouragement for you. 


  • Will Belford, 11, at Montclaire School: 28-35 Niners
  • Cameron Bachman, 10, Montclaire School: 41-23, Niners
  • Arya Kaul, 15, Harker Academy: 100 - nothing, Niners
  • Jamey Paul, 9, Montclaire School: 24-21, Niners
  • Lori, a Midwesterner, married to a Wisconsin native and "true cheesehead" who has "lived in California too long": 21-14, Niners 


What's your prediction? 

Do you have words for the 49ers? Upload your clips here. 


NFC Divisional Playoffs

Green Bay at 49ers

5 p.m.

Fox (KTVU)


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L.A. Chung January 13, 2013 at 08:59 AM
Final score, in case you want to compare to our fans' predictions: 45-31, Niners! More scoring than our prognosticators thought, but the right result. Too bad we didn't ask for QB stats predictions. How about that Colin Kaepernick?


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