Alameda Girls Softball: Week Ending May 13

Only two weeks left until the playoffs


Ross, Sinclaire & Associates, Blue Diamonds vs. Event Magic Blue Dolphins

Event Magic Blue Dolphins played great against the Blue Diamonds. Ella Robins was stellar at first base with two self put-outs and a solid line drive up the middle. Caroline Phinney played well defensively as pitcher with quick fielding and strong throws to first base. Laloni Rafferty came off the DL with a smash hit to LF. Allison Noble played strong defense at 3rd base and had a solid birthday hit up the middle.


Lauren’s Closet Pink Sox 11, McDonald’s Central Lightning Thunder 2

The Lauren's Closet Pink Sox exhibited some of their best hitting skills vs. the McDonalds Lightning Thunder in their make-up game Friday night. Ashley Roben got a great hit in the second, scored for her team and got an RBI in the third. Autumn Samaniego hammered a double in the 2nd and earned 2 RBIs in the 2nd & 4th innings. Tess Rogers made her pitching debut and struck out 2 batters. All Pink Sox showed continued effort, good sportsmanship and improvement in both offense and defense. The final score 11-2, in favor of the Pink Sox, showed extreme team playing and excellent participation by all.

Lauren’s Closet Pink Sox 7, Linguin’s Red Flames 1

The Lauren's Closet Pink Sox played the Linguini's Red Flames. With nearly 100% of the Pink Sox players getting hits, some were outstanding, including huge hits by Abbyrose Connor, Vicki Anderer, Sofia Martin del Campo, Kayla Chang, Kelly Carlson and Kaitlyn Cassidy, who got a 2 RBI hit in the 1st and an RBI double in the 2nd. Sofia Martin del Campo and Abbyrose Connor both made made their debuts as pitcher and did very well by striking out 4 batters between them. Hannah Robins earned 3 RBIs for her team in the 2nd & 4th innings. Lola Deibert had a base hit in the 3rd and Olivia Grassman helped her team out with an RBI in the 4th. All players enthusiastically cheered on the winning Pink Sox with a final score of 7-1.

Coast Guards Mad Batters 8, McDonalds on Central Lighting Thunder 6

The Mad Batters won an exciting game with Giavanna Ledesma hitting a clutch RBI in the 1st inning. Isabelle Underwood got a grounder and stepped on first to close out the 1st inning. Alisyn Thomas struck out the final batter in the fourth inning. Emani Manuel hit a single with two RBIs to win the game.

M Zoe Couture Green Hornettes 4, China House Fiery Phoenix 2

It was a close game against the Fiery Phoenix, but with excellent hitting and strong defensive plays the Green Hornettes came out on top. Maddie Mersch had an impressive RBI triple in the first. Marisa Perez made a solid hit in the second and Adella Cho powered out a double in the third. Kayla Billetter secured an important defensive stop tagging out a runner. As catcher, Raidate Lathon helped to stop the Fiery Phoenix!


Bay Area Children’s Theatre Black & Yellow Beastzz 12, San Lorenzo Hot Shots 3

Beastzz took their hot bats on the road to San Lorenzo and came back winners. Elizabeth Fraser hit an RBI double. Maura Willow smashed a 2 RBI triple. Sammi Yescas made a pair of nice outfield plays, and Lily Wilmoth kept it all in line with great pitching, including 6 strikeouts. Although dusty and tired, Beastzz came back to their island home all smiles.

Harbor Bay Black & Blue Transformers 3, Lind C. Avery Ph.D Explosion 8

Harbor Bay Alameda Black and Blue Transformers split a double header with the Explosion. The Transformers played hard, but came up short as the Explosion took the opener 8-3. Pitcher Ruby Siltanen struck out five, stole a base, and scored a run. Andrea Jasso played great defense and worked a walk in a tough at bat. Infielder Samantha Shaffer kept the game close as she knocked in a run with a booming single. Katrina Eichel helped lead the team with a hit, a walk, a run and three tough innings of pitching. The always solid Margaret Pendo delivered a hit as the Transformers worked to keep the game close.

Diamond Tool & Die Royal Riptide 4, Alameda Orthopedic and Sports Therapy Green Hornets 6

The Green Hornets scored one at the top of the game, and Royal Riptide battled but remained scoreless until the bottom of the 2nd inning, when Sydney Williams started off the batting with a single, followed by Valerie Zavala-Sheridan stealing bases. Elizabeth Noble drove Sydney home and Nikkita Dwonch drove home Valerie with a sacrifice fly that was caught. In the third inning, the Green Hornets battled back with 3 more runs. At the bottom of the 3rd, Beatrice Levy was walked on first but capitalized by stealing her way all the way home, making the score 3 to 5.

Linda C. Avery Ph.D Explosion 6, Harbor Bay Realty Transformers 14

The second game of a double header between the Linda C. Avery Explosion and the Transformers was like a heavyweight boxing match. The Explosion were able to take the 1st match and in this game both sides where swinging and hitting hard, but the visiting Transformers were able to deliver the knockout blow and give the Explosion their first defeat of the season. Bella Vick continues to be a leader of the Explosion offensive with a double and triple. Savannah Mesterhazy continued her hot hitting by also adding a double.


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