The Breeders Have Been Placed Under Quarantine

Our house is a hotzone.

My husband never gets sick. I can count the number of times I remember him being sick on one hand — and we've known each other since I was a freshman in high school. 

I'm not necessarily one of those people who seem to get sick all the time, but I do get a few colds a year. But, unlike most couples, if I get sick it isn't just a matter of time until Adam starts getting the sniffles. I can be coughing and sneezing one pillow over and he can take sips of my tea and he still won't get sick. But when Adam is the one who is patient zero in the Green/Davis population, we have a 100% contagion rate in no time flat. And now we are a population of three.

On Saturday, Adam started complaining of a runny nose. We both chalked it up to allergies. With such ridiculously warm weather everything was sure to be blooming. When the runny nose continued through Sunday I began to have my suspicions, and then all of a sudden The Kid got cranky.

The Kid never gets cranky. Yes, he hates going to sleep, but he is a pretty happy little guy. We had invited a neighbor over for dinner (as far as I know she is still well, whew!) and we were excited for her to see just how adorable he is — — at mealtime, but he wasn't his usual self. He was a bit out of sorts and he didn't have much of an appetite. That should have been our sign right there. Not eating ? And then I started to get the ache. The cold and flu ache.

We're not used to the entire household being sick. Or rather, we're not used to Adam being sick. Pre-baby, I would be bundled up on the couch, tissues and tea by my side, and Adam could maintain order, but now we are both parents down with a stuffy-nosed baby on our hands.

Luckily, we were stocked with groceries and Adam's stellar immune system means he is on the mend quickly, so things haven't spiralled completely out of control. All tissues have found their way to the garbage, sheets have been washed, and all doorknobs, handles and light switches have been disinfected so as not to cause another outbreak. 

And our happy little guy is still pretty happy. A little snotty and more cuddly than usual, but still happy. Now we just need to give  a good wipe down and throw half a zoo's worth of stuffed animals in the washing machine. It might just be the cutest — and most contagion-filled — laundry load ever.

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