The Breeders: The Best Way to Babyproof

Tip: Baby proofing is a misnomer. Its really toddler proofing, so get yourself a toddler and get to work.

I thought I was going to be totally ahead of the game. I put outlet covers and cabinet locks on the baby registry. We were going to have the house babyproofed before we even had the baby. 

Yeah, not so much.

The problem is it is way more fun to fold all of those tiny onsies and socks and organize them by size and season than it is to pull out the drill and bolt the bookcases to the wall. Then, by the time the baby is here and you realize not only are Ikea bookcases not the sturdiest pieces of furniture, but that you live in earthquake country, it seems an insurmountable task to find the time to empty out the shelves, find the stud and bang away with a hammer between feedings and naps. 

But, this is where those come in very handy. 

We have a couple of friends with babies just a few months older than The Kid. While every parent dreads their child's inevitable first scraped knee or goose egg, having your friend's kid get their first scraped knee or goose egg at your house is every parent's worst nightmare.

So, we put bumpers on the corners of the coffee table and put the outlet covers in long before The Kid was anywhere close to threatening his own electrocution. But those are the easy things. 

The kid is nine months old now, which means that the babies that are just a few months older than him aren't babies any more - they are toddlers. 

We had friends over for lunch last weekend and not only is their daughter just a bit older than The Kid, she is proof that girls may in fact develop faster. While she hangs out with boys two and three months older than her (it's a boy explosion over here), she was walking at ten months - see ya, suckers. 

So, while I prepped for their visit by trying to wrap up cords (this was a lot easier before the age of computing) and moved knick knacks to higher shelves, I was wholly unprepared. She was one shelf taller than I thought so her mom deftly moved all knick knacks and pictures up. Oh, and I forgot about the cat food ... and the bag of flour that is on shelf because it doesn't fit in our makeshift pantry...

Luckily, her curiosity is still at the inspection and not destruction stage and her parents are good natured. They were the ones that suggested we just let her wander around so we could figure out everything we needed to change. 

Of course, another good thing about having friends with older kids is hand-me-downs, so they are letting The Kid use her push toy until he can transform is into a more vertical mode.

I guess I need to find a new place to store the flour.

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