4th of July Guide: How to Photograph Fireworks

A contributing Patch photographer gives advice on capturing the sparkle in the sky on the Fourth of July.

Capturing photos of fireworks is a challenge that can be mastered easily with the right equipment and settings on your camera. Click through the photos above to read a short tutorial to help you capture the rockets' red glare on the Fourth of July.  

Equipment needed:

  • Camera: Either a point-and-shoot or a SLR (single lens reflex).
  • Tripod: To keep the camera steady and prevent motion blur.
  • Flashlight: To see the camera settings in the dark.
  • Wireless Trigger or cable release: Not vital, but it helps prevent camera shake if you have one.

Try it out!


Linda Castellani July 04, 2012 at 10:25 PM
Thank you so much!


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