Alameda Little League Games to June 3

Catching up on the past two weeks of games.


Eyewise Optometry Athletics 12, Claremont Behavioral Services Giants 3

(05/22) For the A's Ammar Omar pitched two scoreless innings. Dean Sarmiento made an excellent catch and pitched well. A's Sandeep Mahl, Max Turner and Ryan Finer had three hits each. The Giants' Ryan Slez pitched well, allowing no runs. Giants Adam Chan had two hits and Jake Gibbons three.  Ethan Hernandez had a double.


Feel Good Bakery Iron Pigs 5, Bladium River Bandits 4

(5/21) The Iron Pigs' pitchers Tristan Good and JC Cooke threw 4 scoreless innings. Thomas Goodman had an inside the park home run and Nate Whittaker made 2 outstanding catches in center field.

Matthew Dalton hit a triple then added a three RBI single for the River Bandits. Joe Boyden scored once then pitched 2-02/3 scoreless innings for the River Bandits.

Thirsty Bear Brewing Company Redwings 8, Big O Tires Pawsox 7

(5/21) For Pawsox, Harrison Rogers had two triples with 3 RBIs on May 21. Bobby Locklear scored on a single in the 5th inning and Andrew Taira had two singles, scoring both times.

For the Redwings, Gabe Seidl and Adrian Yatsko played steller defense. Key hits were made by Sam Silberstein and Sam Currid as well as a walk-off game-ending double by Danny Keep.

Litho Process Hooks 13, Pappo Mudcats 3

(5/23) The Mudcats' Kyle Arndt hit, but was out at 1st. Darren Taira hit for a single. Ezra Hammond hit safely to 1st.

For the Hooks, Jackson Elliot, Arvin Enkhbold and Parker Lincoln made key defensive plays. Elias Faizi pitched two innings of scoreless relief.

Bladium River Bandits 7, Thirsty Bear Brewing Company Red Wings 12

(05/25) For the River Bandits, Auggie Tautalatasi hit a single and Alex Robles scored a run and hit a single. Ryan Floyd got on base twice and made a great catch in right field.

For the Redwings, Edgar Duchesneau and Ari Burrows executed a pick-off play at 1st base. Sam Silberstein and Sam Currid each had doubles and Brandon Wong had 2 solid innings on the mound.

Litho Process Printing Services Hooks 15, Bladium River Bandits 5

(05/28) For the River Bandits, Matthew Dalton hit an RBI single and also scored in the first inning. Ryan Floyd was on base twice and Alex Robles had a key hit in the 4th inning.

For the Hooks, Scott Kelly and Parker Lincoln each lined safe hits to the outfield, and Max Nyrop slammed two doubles and a single with 6 RBI. Auden Conway singlehandedly executed a double play, catching a line drive and tagging second base. Fellow shortstop KW Quilici later initiated a 6-3 double play.

El Agavero Stars 7, Pappo Mudcats 10

(05/30) Mudcats started their comeback in the 5th, when Diego Ottaviano doubled in 1 RBI. Ryan Crawford hit in 1 RBI as well. Anthony Anderson doubled in 3 RBI's in the 6th.

For the Stars Elian Pelayo and Tor Angstadt-Leto had RBI doubles, while teammates Ryan Silva-Deasy, Conrad Chipman and Bowman Roach all contributed with singles.

Big O Tires Pawsox 7, Bladium River Bandits 6 (in 8 innings)

(05/31) Auggie Tautalatasi made a great catch in right field and also hit a single. Davis Stewart had two hits and scored twice and Joe Boyden hit a double and scored for the River Bandits.

Pawsox David Thomas pitched shutout innings in the 7th and 8th. Harrison Rogers hit a leadoff double in the bottom of the 8th, followed by Mathew Hui's game-winning RBI double.

River Bandits 21, Feel Good Bakery Iron Pigs 6

(6/2) For the River Bandits, AJ Ramsey, Zack Karch, and Ryan Floyd all scored three times. Zia Ahmadzoay and Alex Robles each scored twice and Davis Stewart turned an unassisted double play.

For the Iron Pigs, George Chabre had a pair of RBI's. Tristan Good and Kai Miller paired up to catch a runner trying to steal home. Kai Miller struck out the side in the 4th inning.

Seelenbacher Jewelers Express 13, Sinead Smyth LMFT Bees 12

(05/30) For the Express, Nick Pippen hit two triples and Jack Pace and Macky Woodworth had two hits each. Isa Salugsugan singled, with Jackson Saulovich hitting a triple to score the winning run. Aeneas Pardo, Ryan Wong, Benjamin Seelenbacher and Saulovich pitched.

For the Bee's, Dallas Rider, Keelan Good and Hadi Shanaa each pitched, with Rider and Good delivering key plays defensively and Shanaa making a key play at shortstop by catching a fly. On the offense, Kobe Kiener and Anthony Silva each hit RBI doubles. 


MXL Commercial Construction Bats 12, Pearls Riverdogs 3

(5/11) For the Bats, Leo Miranda led the Bats' offense with three RBI's, along with Damien Velazquez who reached base twice and scored a run. Antonio Roblero made a great line-drive catch at second base.

The Riverdogs' Kaitlyn Tein and Eugene Gardener both earned first pitch strikes while Jack Perrin-Harris and Landon Marsh both snagged pop flies.

MXL Commercial Construction Bats 14, Pearls Riverdogs 1

(5/13) For the Bats, Sayge Morenz anchored a heads-up double play at third base and Joe Loughran pitched a one-two-three inning to close the game. AJ Morris-King scored a key run.

The Riverdogs' Estuvido Ramos (Vido) earned 7 first pitch strikes while Rebecca Lagerway bunted successfully, advancing a runner to second.


Pacific Pinball Museum Grasshoppers 17, Dobb's Ferry Sand Gnats 19

(5/2) The Grasshoppers’ Adrian English went 3 for 3 with 2 runs and an RBI.  Dylan Hennecke went 2 for 2 with 2 runs and teamed up with Taniela Moli for 2 outs. 

The Sand Gnats' Trevor Marsh went 3 for 3 and Nathan Kent scored 3 runs.

Roughing It Day Camp Volcanoes 19, Pacific Pinball Museum Grasshoppers 7

(5/21) Lee-John Majerus drove in two runs on three hits for the Volcanoes, and Cuyler Shannon had three singles and an RBI. Henry Mills had an unassisted put-out at second base in addition to three hits.

For the Grasshoppers, Joshua Blackman had 3 hits and 2 runs. Cian Putterman had 3 hits and 1 run. Adrian English had a RBI. In the field, Cooper Smolin made a nice catch at short stop.

Jodi D. Snyder Psy.D. Comprehensive Neuropsychological Services Iron Birds 12, Endocare Raptors 18

For the Raptors, Owen Conway hit a 2 RBI triple. Benjamin Garcia and Reeth Guha had a 4 for 4 day at the plate and Dylan Wondolleck played solid defense in the outfield.

For the Iron Birds, Lucas Pflueger, Jack Connolly, Owen Firestone and Rahul Sharma each had three hits and several runs batted in. Izajah Ford led the Iron Birds defensively in the outfield and infield.

Roughing It Day Camp Volcanoes 8, UPS Store #0447 (Bay Farm) Owlz 5

(05/29) Josh Moleiro and Mateo Robles each had two base hits and a solid inning of catching for the Volcanoes. Devon Casias and Owen DeCourcy each caught a big pop fly for an out.

For the Owlz, Stephanie Gutierrez recorded back to back solo putouts at first. At catcher, Matthew Mainguy caught a third strike tip for an out.

Pacific Pinball Museum Grasshoppers 10 vs UPS Store #0447 (Bay Farm) Owlz 9

(06/02) Grasshoppers, Dylan Good had 2 hits and 1 run and made an out in the field. Adrian English had a double. Nate King was 2 for 2 at the plate and Colin Wehmann had the game winning RBI.

For the Owlz, Cody Cunningham tripled twice with bases loaded recording 6 RBI’s. Matthew Mainguy also tripled and scored on an overthrow at third.

Jodi D. Snyder Psy.D. Comprehensive Neuropsychological Services IronBirds 7, Karin Fox Harbor Bay Realty Lugnuts 5

(06/01) Iron Birds Lucas Pflueger, Teyo Snyder-Aguigui and Veronica McComas each had three hits and several runs batted in. Christian Watkins led the IronBirds defensively in the outfield and infield.

The Lugnuts played a hard-fought game.

Parker Orthodontics Muckdogs 8, Stem to Stern Boating Service Scrappers 7

(06/02) Quinn Rasmussen and Turner Wasson had great hits. Brandon Souza made a critical catch for the Muckdogs.

For the Scrappers, Scottie Rapposelli and Paul Verdict had two hits each to lead the offense and Owen Sacco made a great play at 2nd base. JP Larson also continued his hot hitting.

UPS Store #0447 (Bayfarm) Owlz 6, Stem to Stern Scrappers 11

(06/03) Scrappers Ricky Soderlund had three hits and Brian Fournier drove in three runs at the plate. Zack Rygg made a great play at catcher and Lucas Baldizan was sharp at 2nd base.

For the Owlz, Stephanie Gutierrez had two solo put outs and combined with assists from pitcher Jacob Skuta to record four put outs at first base. Nicolas Ortiz hit three for three with two triples.


Alameda Beauty College Rangers vs. Acacia Construction Company Mariners

(06/03) The Rangers had fantastic fielding with Kyle Donaldson at second with a solo put out, Camilo at first with fantastic fielding. Great hitting by Edwin Berg and Diego Cerna, and Casey Miller with two doubles!

The Mariners' Tyus Arnold drove in a run on a base hit with bases loaded. Pitcher Jacob Thornton got an out at first by moving fast with the ball. Brady Hormuth and John Marshall both hit solid line drives to get on base.

Littler Mendelson Diamondbacks vs. Synergy Corporate Housing White Sox

(06/03) The DBacks’ Mason Gunnell made a strong throw to first base to get an out in the second inning. Shortstop Sam Paskins made a great defensive play, stopping a hard grounder and tagging out the runner going to third. Jake Morgan had two solid hits and hustled across home plate to beat the tag for a run in the third. Marco Puertas made an impressive diving stop at third base in the fourth.

The White Sox players also had a great outing today.


Patterson-Golay Family Braves vs. Frutti Yoggi Tigers

(5/20) The Braves' Luke Hamilton gave a good target as catcher and sped down the basepaths. Erik Johnson and Dylan Higgins-Kiang made great backup stops, while Matthew Dean smoothly fielded his position. Jonas Clevenger, Ian Shaw, Zackary Patterson-Golay and Daniel Kinna showed power at the plate.  

The Tigers had a strong showing in the field with great glove work from Kaleb Westbrooks and Logan Thomas. Isaiah Dumont made a great snag at first base and tagged the bag on a hard hit grounder. Adam Sligh was solid behind the plate by tagging 3 runners out in the 3rd inning. The Tigers' bats were hot with solid hits from Aiden Bencik, Miles Wilson, Grey Pipkin, and Alexander Kientz.

Shooting Stars Photography Reds vs. Alameda Collision Athletics

(05/20) The Reds were led by Grant Tomono, sparkling in the field at short and pitcher and hitting a homer in the third. Will Merritt made a great play at shortstop in the first, and hit the ball hard twice, including a homer, and Evan Furuichi continued to punish the ball with two solid hits.

The Athletics played a great game as well.

El Caballo Wraps Mets vs.
Paden Orthodontics Dodgers

(06/03) Mets fielding was solid today, with Ian Love, Jennifer Proffitt and Tyler Ichihara making nice stops in the infield and throwing to first base. All of the players wowed us with their great hitting as they took turns at bat.

For the Dodgers, Julian Sanchez and Kyle Nguyen showed teamwork at first base while Shay Ottaviano and Andrew Garay made a great pitcher/catcher team. The whole team made strategic hits at bat. Zac Struthers chased down a Mets hit.

Patterson-Golay Family Braves vs. Neptune Beach Pearl Pirates

(06/03) Braves Jonas Clevenger and Luca Campbell stroked solid hits and made several excellent fielding plays. Tommy Going and Erik Johnson made nice infield plays, while Zackary Patterson-Golay and Dylan Higgins-Kiang ran the bases well.

Audriana Thomas took game-ball honors by leading the Pirates' defense. At the plate Maxwell Stuart and Donovan Nakamura used patience and strong swings for some bases clearing at-bats. 


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