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Frances Montell has lived in California since the age of 4. Attending elementary school and high school in Berkeley was the conventional part of her childhood. She was a “latchkey kid” before the word was invented, and did not mind it one bit. She earned a B.A. from UC San Diego, a school she chose primarily for its windsurfing and its weather. She attended grad school at UC Santa Barbara, where she earned a Ph.D. in sociology with a dissertation on Women and Sex and where she also met her husband Charley who introduced her to Ultimate Frisbee which totally changed her life and which she has been playing whenever she can. She is not afraid of run-on sentences. She moved to Alameda one month before her first child was born and has been living the idyllic Island life ever since. She worked for 12 years doing educational research and program evaluation. She was laid off in September 2010 and, now that her husband has a job, she is taking a break from being unemployed. She doesn’t feel like a stay-at-home mom and she doesn’t really feel like a writer. She is not sure precisely what she is.
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