Judy Judy
Personal Trainer to the Stars
Judy (Volin) Judy was raised in Alameda before she was abducted by aliens.  She is a full-time mother and a part-time back-up dancer for Beyoncé.  Rainbows and unicorns follow her where ever she goes and she speaks fluent Elvin.  She likes long, romantic walks on the beach, drinks with umbrellas and cuddling by a warm, green, eco-friendly, gas log fire.
  OK, for reals now: Judy (Volin) Judy was born in San Francisco but spent her childhood in Alameda since age 2. She attended both Edison Elementary and Lincoln Middle School before branching off the island to attend Bishop O'Dowd High School in Oakland, and then the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Judy and her husband, Mr. Judy, moved around quite a bit before returning to the island city. They were married in Oregon and had their first child in Alabama, their second in Berkeley. They are currently bringing up their two beautiful daughters in the same house where Judy was raised; both attending Edison, then home schooled through middle school. Now, the oldest is attending Alameda High School, while the youngest is still schooling at home. Her sister Eva (head of Children's Services for the Alameda libraries) lives three blocks away, her parents, five.  A full-time mother and a part-time personal trainer, Judy Judy is passionate about her family, Izzy's Angel's and cocktails. (Not necessarily in that order.)
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