BBQ Season

"Spare rib, anyone?" — Adam

I've been writing for Patch for over a year and I think we' ve become close, you and me. Writer and reader. A marriage of sorts. 

OK. Maybe we're not married. But we're defiantly dating and apparently I feel that means we're close enough that I can start telling you what to do. 

If you were a part of my immediate family, you would know how much I like telling people what to do because, according to them, I do it all day long. But once again, I see I've gone off target.  

To the point: what I want you to do is have a BBQ. 

Though the Fourth of July is a prime barbecuing holiday, it's not the only time one can barbecue. In fact, you don't need a holiday at all! Anytime is the right time to slap down some choice pieces of meat, a few veggies perhaps, on a hot grill and invite a few friends and neighbors over. 

The beauty of the BBQ is the same as the I wrote about a few months back. Though the house cleaning and menu are kept to a minimum, the social networking is at a maximum. but it has a small-town feel to it. Having a BBQ is a great way to keep that feeling alive. Friends meet friends, family meets neighbors and soon you can't walk around without running into people you've shared an afternoon with. 

So Alameda, take my advice. Dust of your trusty Weber sitting in the garage and pull your tongs out of your ... drawer ... and throw a BBQ. Find a cooler, fill it with your favorite frosty beverage and the people will come a'runnin'. 

Trust me on this, I'm right. I'm always right and I always have good ideas. No matter what my family says. 

Heather July 07, 2012 at 04:31 PM
Further proof that Judy is right about BBQing: 1-you don't have to slave over your hot stove/oven (who wouldn't love a break from the heat?) 2-you save electricity because you don't have to turn on a fan/AC to cool the house down after cooking dinner (the Green team dream #1) 3-you can lighten your overall load because your spouse/S.O. can share in the cooking duties (Bo-nus!) 4-BBQing is the perfect excuse to use paper plates, thus reducing the amount of dishes needing to be washed, & it's all recyclable (Green team dream #2) When you're right, you are so right! Thanks, Judy.


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